About Caregiver Certification Programs
Education and certification for family and professional caregivers serving  residential or institutional clients.

Quality Caregiver Certification Programs are available online now.

     Experts agree that in the senior care industry certified professionals are more trusted, and more readily hired at higher salaries.   Caregiver education and certification is available for family and professional caregivers serving residential or institutional clients via convenient distance learning programs. These programs do not compromise on quality. 

Many companies are getting into the caregiver certification business but we found only one we highly recommend.

is a registered not-for profit distance learning caregiver education and certification organization.  CertifiedCare.org education and certification programs focus on protecting and serving the frail elderly population

Caregiving is one of the fastest growing  career fields in the USA.

     CertifiedCare is a national caregiver education and certification organization. CertifiedCare certifies the best quality caregivers for both family and institutional settings. CertifiedCare maintains a blog and a full service caregivers organization to support their certified caregivers. The CertifiedCare organization offers 4 levels of assisted living aide certification through distance learning certification programs.

The best caregiver assisted living certification training programs are based upon the American Medical Association (AMA) Guidelines for At Home Caregiving.